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Our philosophy and style

Terroir wines is a hand-picked selection of vignerons from around the world, mainly from Europe; France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Austria.
We look for wines in all price levels that are not only of exceptional quality and value, but also mind-opening, defining a sense of place, and creating a true discovery experience.

Growers, not just winemakers

We believe in cultivating wines with integrity and respect for the traditions of the regions, therefore, we are not looking for brands, but rather for growers who work their vines and make their wines with precision, honesty and passion. These ‘vignerons’ are doing everything to make wines that are authentically crafted.


The people we have chosen to work with are not just suppliers, but true partners, often close friends for many years. We love working with those independent small artisans, who put their love and passion into the bottle, to deliver a unique and inspiring wine experience. They might cultivate famous lands or still obscure ones, they might be already stars, or still rather modestly unknown. What we look for in our partners and wines is harmony, character, authenticity, and above all a sense of place.

Our list features great "classic" producers like Jacquesson, Combier, or Alliet, but also wines made from rising stars like Jerome Bretaudeau, Claus Preisinger or Antoine Sanzay. It highlights lesser-known indigenous varietires, like Cinsault, Cot, Grolleau or Pinot d’Aunis, and still “modest” wine regions like Luberon, Vittoria and Ventoux.

Terroir driven wines

As we look for wines that express their terroir, many of our producers employ sustainable, organic or biodynamic farming, both as a sense of responsibility to our dear Earth, as well as for the qualitative virtues to the wines they craft. Most of our wines are made with natural yeasts, and with no enzymes added, and as wines should showcase their place of origin and varietal character, many of our wineries would be considered as low- Interventionist producers, being gentle on oak impact and refraining from corrections of any kind.

And yet, we are not religious, and we have no dogmas. We are proudly carrying many wines we believe are true to the values of terroir and harmony, expressing uniqueness and greatness, but are not under restrictions of any movement, church or sect.

Growing a flourishing wine culture in Israel

But above all, at Terroir we are educators and creators of wine lovers. We work closely with colleagues and friends wine importers, and with many of their wines we love, those who share these values. We are also proudly and closely working with many winemakers and wineries in Israel to develop and grow a true flourishing wine culture in the country. A wine culture that is about discovering, sharing and enjoying this incredible culture of wine. Cheers!


Our core values:






Value for money



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