Domaine Combier

Rhone Valley's Organic pioneer

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The story
The place

The Crozes-Hermitage vineyards lie on the 45th parallel, on the left bank of the Rhône. This is the largest northern appellations extending across 11 communes in the Drôme. The prestigious wines of Crozes-Hermitage are made from Syrah for the reds and made from Roussanne and Marsanne for the whites. Crozes-Hermitage red is the epitome of the peppery elegant, easy-drinking fragrant wine, and arguably the best drinking young syrah in the world.

The People

In 1990, Laurent Combier, accompanied by his wife Ghislaine, took over the estate, which then had 5 hectares of vines and 15 hectares of fruit trees. Freshly graduated in viticulture and oenology, he decides with the support of his parents, to build his own wine cellar and breeding. His goal is to create his vision of Crozes Hermitage wines to reach the top with the Clos des Grives, which is today an iconic wine of the appellation.

Philosophy and style

Combier's style has been always elegant, clean, and refined. Whether you start with the light Cuvée L, get the intensity of the cuvée 'Domaine' or end up with the complex intense yet succulent Clos des Grives, the entire portfolio is sleek, silky and airy. You can almost pop and drink and have almost any party enchanted.

Identity card

Region/Sub region:
Northern Rhone, Rhone Valley
Crozes Hermitage, IGP Collines Rhodaniennes
Grape varieties:
Syrah, Marsanne, Roussane
Total hectares:
55 ha
Total production:
300,000 bottles
Traditional, amphores, stainless steel, barrels ageing for the Clos des Grives
Laurent Combier
Laurent Combier

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